Episode 118: The Four Mantras of Committed Leadership w/ Tom Hill

Tom Hill, CEO of Eagle Goal Coach, on the Something Extra Podcast

A hallmark of Dr. Tom Hill, President & CEO of Eagle Goal Coach, is his commitment to connecting individuals who can be of help to each other. Queuing up his episode for your next afternoon stroll is a decision you will not regret!

Bio: After 26 years in public education and at 50 years of age, Dr. Tom Hill left the University of Missouri, where he was a professor and administrator, to pursue an entrepreneurial career in real estate franchise sales. In less than 10 years he built a company that, in 1999 the real estate offices combined, did over $3 billion in sales. He sold his company in 1999 and now spends his time and energy giving back what he learned in becoming what he is today.

Dr. Tom Hill has spent his life in the pursuit of success. Unlike many who typically measure success by only one metric, most often financially, Dr. Hill measures success across six areas. His experience shows these areas provide the most complete assessment of an individual. Those six areas are Spiritual, Health/Wellness, Relationships, Intellectual, Emotional, and Financial.

Having enjoyed significant success in each of these areas himself, Dr. Hill is committed to sharing his experience, knowledge, insights and wisdom with the world. His stated mission is to inspire the world, one person at a time. By so doing, it is his life’s goal to touch one million lives.

Hill’s Angels (Tom’s Coaching program) was the first tool created to help reach that goal. Tom has coached hundreds over the years with his devotion to big dream goal setting, a unique networking approach, and inspiring his clients to plan in 18 month ‘growth curve’ segments, culminating in a Six Year Perfect World vision of the future.

A hallmark of Dr. Tom Hill is his commitment to connecting individuals who can be of help to each other. Over his years in education and business, including speaking engagements across the globe, Tom has amassed a powerful collection of friends and colleagues. Regardless of the topic, if a Hill’s Angel has a need or a goal, they’ll hear Tom Hill say “Reach out to this person, they’ll be a great resource for you.”

Added to Tom’s vast personal network is the combined networks of the entire Hill’s Angels community. Each member shares Tom’s desire to be of service – they are also quick to orchestrate beneficial connections.

Tom is a husband, father, grandfather, airplane pilot, marathon runner, mountain climber, skydiver, writer and speaker.

One of Tom’s passions is to make a major and positive difference in as many lives as possible.  He accomplishes this through his professional speaking engagements, executive coaching and his seminars. Tom provides personal coaching for $495 per month.

He is the author of Blessed Beyond MeasureLiving at the Summit and co-author of the companion workbook Life Plan.  He also is co-author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul.

Tom’s Something Extra: “When you wake up in the morning be committed to making a difference in people’s lives. If you do that, the doors will be opened for you. It doesn’t have to be money – it can be connecting them with someone or asking them to read a specific book. That’s the something extra.”

Tom’s 4 Mantras: 

1. Be committed to being the best person we can be with our God-given gifts 
2. Be committed to making a positive difference
3. Be committed to being a networker 
4. Be committed to being a reader

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