SE Episode 114: The Little Known Secret of Success w/ Elizabeth Haberberger

Elizabeth Haberberger, President of Dale Carnegie, on the Something Extra Podcast

Elizabeth Haberberger’s, President of Dale Carnegie, episode on Something Extra will surely keep you on your toes. Your day will be deeply enriched by hearing her wisdom, enthusiasm, and leadership advice that will be valuable regardless of your current profession. 

Bio: Liz’s enthusiasm and passion aren’t easily matched. Her number one rule in life is to have fun. If it’s not fun, she’s not doing it. She is at her best when in front of a group or working to solve a complex business challenge.

Liz joined Dale Carnegie St. Louis in 2015 and purchased the business four years later. She helped to triple the business in her first 4 years. She now consults with clients in a variety of industries and sizes from Fortune 500 companies to local family owned business. She brings a unique perspective to clients, always thinks out of the box, and doesn’t settle for average. Whether she is consulting on business needs, in front of a room facilitating an experience, or at home with her husband and two kids, you will find a big smile on her face and can feel the energy she brings to any room or organization.

Elizabeth’s Something Extra: Enthusiasm. “Dale Carnegie said that enthusiasm is the little known secret of success and I full heartedly believe that. If you show up and are on fire about what it is that you are doing and you’re having fun, then everyone around you is going to feed that back to you.”

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