SE Episode 095: The Beauty of Question Asking w/ Paris Forest

Paris Forest, Directory of Strategy Operations for Boeing IT & DA, on the Something Extra Podcast

Do you know where you want to go, but are hesitant to take the next step because it seems too challenging? Take a moment to receive the wisdom of Paris Forest from the beauty of question-asking and vulnerability to how to intentionally and effectively lead diverse groups in the workplace.

Bio: Paris joined the Boeing Company in May of 1999 and has filled many roles since. She currently stands as the Director of Strategy Operations for Boeing Information Technology & Data Analytics (IT&DA), where she is responsible for defining strategy and action planning for an initiative aimed at transforming IT&DA from a project driven to project managed organization at scale. 

Paris’ Something Extra: A sense of vulnerability. This will allow them to create the spaces that their teams need in order to feel accepted, supported, and heard. There’s a lot happening in the world all at once and if your teams don’t believe that you are living in that world with them, then they will retreat from you.

Links and Mentions:

– Lisa Nichols, Host
– Scott Crosby, Executive Producer
– Daniel Williams, Recording Engineer