SE Episode 088: Challenging the Norms w/ Jayson Wells

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Former professional basketball player, Author, and truly revolutionary life coach, Jayson Wells, shares wisdom from a lifetime of experience in extraordinary and unusual circumstances as well as lending his heartfelt perspective on how we can become better attuned to making a positive and genuine difference for people of color.

*From Jayson’s Linkedin:

“I am a guide of individuals and teams on their Journey’s of PURPOSE.

Through my life’s journey, and 13 years of professional basketball, I have gained a critical understanding of how high performing teams function both on and off the court. I use this insight to help business leaders build winning teams by doing SIMPLE things, BETTER.

My “Experiences” focus first on developing leaders to become purpose-driven individuals. As intentional leaders, our journey then continues to create team dynamics needed to drive maximum performance using a mindset of greatness.

I believe that people with PURPOSE change the world. Let’s change the world. Let’s be extraordinary.

Remember, JaYson… spell it correctly because it’s all about the whY!”

Jayson’s Something Extra: Healthily challenge what is considered “baseline” or “standard”

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