SE Episode 086: Leadership That Lasts w/ Stephanie Winslow

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Author and Founder of Blind Spot Consultants, Stephanie Winslow, offers a path to a healthy, robust lifestyle and career as she shares her stories behind her powerfully and honestly written books as well as a look into her career that breaks down walls often overlooked in American business that inspire hope and true change.

Bio: Stephanie Winslow is the proud wife of Marshall and mother of two girls. Stephanie spends her days helping women find their voice and making their dreams become a reality in life and business. In her business Blind Spot Consultants, she partners with women entrepreneurs to help them build lean processes and strategic plans that will enable them to live their best life.

Stephanie is a Christian author, blogger and speaker. She uses her gifts of writing and speaking to inspire transformational change in the lives of those who need hope, healing and restoration. Stephanie’s passion is to awaken the complacent and comfort the

In her free time Stephanie enjoys trail running, hiking with family, coffee dates with girlfriends, the comfort of yoga pants and catching
the latest Netflix show with her husband.

Stephanie’s Something Extra: Humility and Not taking people for granted

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