SE Episode 078: Reinventing Yourself w/ Danish Nagda

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Taking ownership over the largest textile business in the middle east at 17 is merely the beginning of the story that Danish Nagda, Founder of Rezilient, shares as he takes us through a heartfelt and resonating journey about family, unprecedented technological innovation, and reinventing yourself in the latest episode of Something Extra.

Bio: Prior to founding Rezilient, Danish was formerly a founder at Schoology, the first social learning platform, which now has had over 20
million users in 130 countries. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his MD and Wharton MBA.
Since the beginning of his ENT residency at Washington University in St Louis, he has served in advisory roles for Doximity, Inventr,
and Enterprise Bank & Trust.
Rezilient is a web-based platform that gives physicians access to a network of mobile medical robots, enabling them to deliver in-
person care from a distance. Using a touch-screen interface, physicians can manipulate medical devices in real-time, allowing them
to perform remote physical exams, ultrasounds, and even minor procedures, addressing a fundamental gap between virtual and in-
person care today. While the go-to-market will be targeting specialist physicians delivering care to patients within the same metro
area, some have performed real-time physical exams across distances up to 892 miles.

Danish’s Something Extra: Pay attention to the people you’re leading

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