SE Episode 060: Living Beyond the Motto w/ Bonnie Jo Wurzbacher

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Former executive at Coca-Cola and World Vision International, Bonnie Jo Wurzbacher, joins Lisa and shares how business directly serves communities, how to bring passion to your everyday life, and how your life has the capacity to make more of an impact on the world as you get older.


Having an interest in positively affecting the world, Bonnie Jo Wurzbacher has worked as Chief Resource Development Officer in London for World Vision International for over 4 years. World Vision is a global, Christian humanitarian organization fighting the causes of poverty and injustice in over 100 countries through long-term development, disaster relief and advocacy for children, their families and communities.

Her diligence in performing her duties in this position is only matched by her deep passion in her Faith and commitment to helping people across the globe. Bonnie has also started programs to help women with careers in leadership roles. 

Over the course of her career, Bonnie has held positions all over the world as a liaison between both in-house offices and partnerships leading the global marketing team. She has continued to be a global marketing leader for companies for over 8 years, including but not limited to Coca-Cola and World Vision International. In both of these cases , she has assisted in developing company strategies and improving the company’s health holistically.

Bonnie also has a bachelor’s degree in education from WheatonCollege, Wheaton Illinois, and a master’s of business administration from Emory University, Atlanta Georgia.

Bonnie’s Something Extra: Deep understanding in the purpose of their work

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