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SE Episode 059: What You Will Never Be Exempt From w/ Cabanne Howard

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From working in an art gallery to becoming the CEO of Kaleidoscope Management Group, Cabanne Howard joins Lisa and shares how not every path in life is linear and how key “soft skills” can open up doors otherwise thought unreachable.

Not only serving as the CEO for Kaleidoscope Management Group for over 4 years, Cabanne is also on the Board of Directors for KidSmart- tools for learning. In the early stages of her unorthodox and inspiring career journey, Cabanne earned a double major in French and Art History from the University of Pennsylvania with an Executive Masters in Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis. She also studied abroad in France in 1999-2000 in pursuit of her goal of living in the EU at some point.

Cabanne’s Something Extra: Self-reflection

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