SE Episode 056: Leading From Behind the Pack w/ Derrik Kassebaum

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Join Lisa as she sits down with Derrik Kassebaum, Co-Founder of Cosmos Corporation, while they highlight the exciting and long-lasting impact of leaving a legacy for the next generation and the importance of every individual within an organization.

Bio: Derrik Kassebaum is Co-Owner of Cosmos Corporation which is a family owned manufacturing company that makes Health and Wellness products in the pet industry. The Kassebaum family has worked since 1980 to create a trusted brand throughout the USA and 68 other countries. Throughout his tenure at Cosmos, Derrik has traveled the world building the company’s brand while overseeing the sales of the organization since 1989. He also has a desire and focus on helping local charities in St. Louis unite to create a synergistic affect in their respective efforts. Also of note, the Kassebaum family’s nonprofit organization, GOLI, oversees a couple different endeavors in Guatemala and Haiti.

Derrik’s Something Extra: Lead from behind the pack

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