Dance competition company seeks online presence and brand direction to stand out.

When you are a teacher you want only the best for your students. You want them to have learning opportunities and you are always striving to teach them to be the best they can be in and out of the classroom. This includes supporting each other regardless of the studio you attend or the award that you win. Fury Dance Competition sets a standard for excellence in the competition world where at the end of the day students feel good about what they have learned, what they have done, and who they have helped.

The Challenge

When three women entrepreneurs came together to start a dance competition company, they knew they needed a website even before they had picked out a name. To stand out amongst the other competitions, their website would need to stand out, too, balancing a high energy look and feel with interactive scheduling and registration features.

The Plan

As the client took on the name Fury Dance, Technology Partners took on the challenge of developing their website. Helping the client secure all of the necessary domains, Technology Partners walked the client through the planning and site development, design, and deployment. Fury was able to collaborate throughout the process, and work closely with the team, having the assurance that their new site was exceeding their expectations.

The Results

Technology Partners delivered a feature rich site, with Fury’s third party registration system seamlessly integrated, and a beautiful blogging platform to show off all of Fury’s latest news and photos. As the dance competition grows, Fury’s team, using the backend WordPress CMS, will have full flexibility to make their site grow with them.

woman dancing with white drapery

“Working with Technology Partners, specifically with the Practice Director, has been an absolute pleasure. Their knowledge and professionalism has allowed me to confidently share my vision with the public.”

Robyn Ferrell President
Fury Dance Competition

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