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In an overwhelming sea of applicants, companies need a source that will accurately identify top talent.

A large supermarket chain with over 100 stores operating in the Midwest needs the best IT talent. They need to facilitate their ever increasing growth and success with superior software and they need expert team members who can create and manage those solutions. They released two Java Developer positions for fulfillment by a variety of IT staffing firms to see who could find the right fit.

The Challenge

With multiple staffing teams comes multiple levels of quality candidates, and with such a prestigious client on the line, many of the firms used too broad a search in an effort to fill the roles. This netted the client far too many bad candidates than the procurement team was equipped to handle and no positive results.

The Plan

If the team tasked with hiring could limit the number of candidates only to the most qualified applicants and hold off their interviews till they knew only the best were being submitted, they could focus their time on evaluating chemistry of the talent.

The Results

Technology Partners took on the challenge. The client procurement team put the process on hold while Technology Partners got to work. We put together our candidates, did our own filtering till we found who was believed to be a good fit on all parameters, and submitted him for the job. He was exactly what the client needed, and we then moved on to the second roll and found another great fit. They were able to move forward with the long-stalled project and onto even more ways to increase the digital experience for all of their customers across the region.

Career opportunity is the #1 reason people change jobs.

– LinkedIn Talent Solutions


4.4 billion people were affected by software bugs in 2016.

“Finding good staff is simply difficult in today’s market. There are so many candidates but so few that truly stand out and line up with what they wrote down on their resume. We’re truly grateful to partner with Technology Partners on this, as their commitment to proving quality talent never disappoints.”

-Client Executive

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