Looking to make their innovative idea a reality, Arch Coal turns to Technology Partners.

Striving to make a difference through advancements in mine safety, environmental care, and financial sustainability, Arch Coal works tirelessly to supply safe, responsible resources that build and develop the world around us. By applying a forward-thinking approach to their strong values, they’re powering progress, responsibly.

The Challenge

One of the largest and most efficient coal producers in the world, representing roughly 16% of America’s coal supply, Arch Coal needed a mobile application for their blasting process. Technicians performed a time-consuming and cumbersome process manually every day that also required government oversight. Arch Coal’s in-house staff needed help creating the right solution for their technicians to use at their mining site.

The Plan

Technology Partners took on the task of developing an HTML5 prototype for the mobile application, which would allow the business to minimize cost while upper management approved the sufficient budget. After proving the concept for the new applications, Technology Partners would begin to convert the prototype into a native mobile application for iOS. This automated system for blasting predictions showed depth, range, and necessary materials for each shot, allowing the technician to generate a PDF with drawings and calculations of those predictions.

The Results

The new system provided increased efficiency, allowing users to make quick and easy blast predictions onsite. The app also allowed for better planning, reducing waste of expensive blasting materials as a result. With safer blasts, better reporting, and an elegant finished product, Arch Coal can continue to meet government regulations while also satisfying the needs of their technicians.

mobile flowchart showing how apps work

“Our partnership with Technology Partners allowed us to create a user experience we couldn’t accomplish on our own, and as a result, saved our customers a lot of time and provided them better business intelligence.”

Client Product Owner

Manager of Business Process
Arch Coal, Inc.

33% of US Workers

say their employers mobile app doesn’t meet their needs


100x more is spent on maintenance of apps that did not include a prototyping phase.

If I had to sum up our relationship in one word it would be quality. Quality organization, quality employees, and they help us provide a quality product.

Mary Heger, CIO & Vice President of Ameren

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