Bank building experts introduce themselves to a whole new industry through video.

Since being founded over 100 years ago, NewGround has successfully designed or built over 15,000 facilities, ranging from large corporate headquarters to dynamic retail experiences.

The Challenge

NewGround has been in business for over 100 years, creating customer centered banking experiences on the bleeding edge of the industry. With that storied history in banking, NewGround decided to leverage their expertise and enter the market of the modern Healthcare Center. But to take on a challenge of this scale, they were going to need help communicating their message to a whole new client base.

The Plan

NewGround developed “The Patient Journey”, a completely new paradigm for strategizing development of their healthcare centers. To explain this concept and to make a strong first impression with potential clients, they enlisted the Digital Media team to help craft a new video.

The Results

Armed with a beautiful new video that captured their unique story, NewGround was ready to take on a whole new industry, and now had a partner by their side for every step of their new adventure.

“With Technology Partners you can expect a level of integration with your team that other companies just can’t do. The Digital Media team has taken the time to learn our unique voice, and it shows in everything they create with us.”

Bill Wynn Vice President, Healthcare NewGround

88% More Time

is spent on a website with video


78% expect mobile apps to load as fast as—or faster than—a mobile website.

If I had to sum up our relationship in one word it would be quality. Quality organization, quality employees, and they help us provide a quality product.

Mary Heger, CIO & Vice President of Ameren

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