Needing faster fraud detection, a major credit card company looks to Technology Partners to tune up the process.

Our client operates the world’s fastest payment processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments, and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories. Every day, everywhere, they use technology and expertise to make payments safe, simple, and smart.

The Challenge

A major credit card company wanted to reduce the fraud detection process for their cardholders. The current method took around 3.5 hours, which meant that their customers were not getting notified quickly of fraudulent activity. They spent two years looking for relief from multiple sources, but there was no improvement in performance.

The Plan

Technology Partners was brought in to alleviate the extreme lag time in fraud alerts. Using many performance tactics such as indexing, SQL hints, histograms, stored outlines, and materialized views, our query-tuning expert sought to tweak the queries for a faster return. In addition, we looked to mentor the client’s team of Oracle DBAs on how to address future issues in performance, providing our client with a sustainable plan going forward.

The Results

Fraud detection time decreased from 3.5 hours to 20 seconds after less than a day of tuning. With fast alerts, customers could react quickly to fraudulent activity meaning a better customer experience. The established tools and tactics set by our specialist are still used today to provide similar results on other systems.


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