Getting into the hands of patients to identify problems before they happen is changing medicine and saving lives.

With the mission of enhancing people’s lives, GuideRight uses its web-based Mental and Behavioral Health Assessment software to identify underlying issues doctors may overlook. Through digital patient screenings, automatic scoring and reporting, patient history records, and assessments ranging from CESD-R to DAST-10, GuideRight makes understanding a patient’s concerns tangible and measurable.

The Challenge

GuideRight has built their business on existing solutions, but as the company began to rapidly scale, the need for customization pushed the limits on out-of-box offerings. As a medical assessment company, their expertise in IT was limited and making the next step would require work outside their internal abilities.

The Plan

GuideRight recognized that they needed more than just a development team, but rather a strategic partner to deliver a holistic technological solution. Our team planned to conduct an assessment in order to then begin reimagining the structure of their tech stack without. Rather than conducting a rip and replace app improvement, our team would advance the preexisting system, eliminating any possible interruption to their services. This would allow GuideRight to keep their new client onboarding pace and deliver even better services to their growing list of doctor’s offices.

The Results

We were able to directly integrate GuideRight with their providers Electronic Medical Records, add visibility to the doctor’s invoicing for assessments, and enter new client markets through new portal features — enriching the relationship between company and customer.

doctor explaining something to a patient on a laptop computer

78% of businesses feel positive about their relationship with their outsourcing company.

-Adobe Statistical Study


4.4 billion people were affected by software bugs in 2016.

“Responsiveness, efficiency, and adaptability are traits that we try to bring to the forefront of all our work. Working with a company who understands those qualities is a rarity, and we couldn’t be more grateful for Technology Partners in that regard.”

Vince Mahtani, Managing Partner at GuideRight Assessments

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