Episode 022: Unlocking the Potential of Those Around You w/ Jim Swanson

"Something Extra episode 22" blue podcast banner with an image of a man, Jim Swanson

With a heightened focus on the planet’s long-term sustainability, pioneering visionary, Jim Swanson, shares his 30-year’s worth of IT knowledge with us and how people are crucial in this global endeavor.


Bio: Jim is the CIO and Head of Digital Transformation for the Crop Science division at Bayer. As a member of pivotal CIO boards in STL as well as an active volunteer in groups such as the American Heart Association, Jim balances the many wonders of life with his wife and their three children.

Jim’s Something Extra: They positively influence and unlock the potential of those around them.

Links and Mentions:
Bayer Website
Jim Swanson on Linkedin