Staying Ahead – How to Keep Up With Emerging Technology Changes

In any technology career, the learning only ends on the day of your retirement. With tech changes always arriving in a fast and furious fashion, staying abreast of the latest innovations becomes critical. After all, having skills and experience in new technologies keeps you marketable to companies looking for talented candidates.

To keep your tech career heading upward, explore these insights on staying informed in an evolving IT world. It’s the right strategy for proactive career development, providing both breadth and depth to your résumé. As a result, expect hiring managers to continue to want you as a candidate for their latest open positions!

How Can You Keep Up With Emerging Technology Changes?

The Importance of Possessing Current Technology Skills

Once again, the tech world evolves on a regular basis, with new innovations emerging while older skills grow obsolete. After all, a résumé detailing your Flash experience likely won’t attract many interested companies. You need to strive to keep learning and growing as a professional to maintain a successful IT career.

This approach improves your marketability, ensuring you never lack interesting job opportunities whenever searching for work. So let’s look at a few tips for staying informed on the everchanging tech world.

Leverage a Mentor and Your Professional Network

Having a mentor and a robust professional network pays dividends throughout your technology career. Use a mentor for advice on what emerging technologies make sense for your knowledge base. Remember, a mentor understands your current career path as well as your relevant experience. Take advantage of their wisdom on the skills to add to your IT arsenal.

At the same time, a professional network also serves as a great resource for emerging tech. Reach out to colleagues for their insights on what new innovations might be the most impactful for your career. Use this information from both sources to identify any training courses or certifications that pique your interest.  

Read Technology News Sources on a Daily Basis

Simply reading the latest tech news offers a great opportunity for staying up to date. Use a news aggregation service to send you relevant articles based on the keywords you want to track. Spending a half-hour each day perusing new IT news articles keeps you informed.

Social Media Provides Another Great Resource for Tech News

Don’t forget about social media as a useful source for technology news. Following industry leaders on Twitter or Facebook definitely helps. Additionally, join a few LinkedIn Groups related to your field for helpful insights on new tech. Ultimately, staying active on social media also helps expand your professional network.

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