How to Create a Culture Around a Remote Workforce

A top-shelf culture remains a crucial aspect of both attracting candidates and retaining employees in a difficult job market. However, with remote working now commonplace, forging this kind of corporate culture becomes a difficult proposition. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary task to ensure your company sources and retains the IT professionals it needs for success.

So let’s take a closer look at a few insights on building a company culture in this era of remote working. Use this advice to ensure your employees stay engaged and inspired no matter their location. It ultimately plays a critical role in the growth of your business.

How Can Companies Create a Culture Around a Remote Workforce?

Communication Becomes Even More Critical

Managing remote teams requires your manager to be experts in multiple communication channels. These include text messaging, phone calls, and the now ubiquitous video conferencing. Also leverage collaboration software that facilitates remote work, like Slack or similar applications. These play a key role in improving productivity among a remote staff.

Holding regular full-team meetings provides a true sense of cooperation and teamwork among a remote workforce. At the same time, meet with each remote employee each week at the minimum to create a true personal connection. In the end, managers need to ensure every remote employee stays engaged and focused on their tasks.

Clear Expectations Are a Must

Trusting remote employees remains a big reason many large businesses traditionally chafed at the concept of telecommuting. However, this attitude after COVID-19 directly led to the Great Resignation and the difficulty of retaining talented technology professionals. As such, setting clear expectations for scheduling, productivity metrics, and overall performance remains critical.

Tracking the performance of your remote employees becomes easier when using KPIs. Use metrics relevant to your team. For example, software development shops might use something to track sprint productivity. Whatever approach you decide, ensure each remote worker fully understands your expectations.

Fun Activities Help Forge a True Sense of Team and Culture

Not surprisingly, fun teambuilding activities help your company build a positive culture around remote staff. Hosting a trivia night or even a virtual talent show helps your remote staff get to know each other. Spending some time prioritizing fun as opposed to always focusing on work definitely fosters culture.

Even regular lunches with remote workers serve as a useful team-building exercise. It’s also a great way to add some fun to a weekly team meeting.

Has Your Company Adjusted to a Culture Around a Remote Workforce?

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