What Three Functions Can Your Business Automate to Save Time and Money?

What Three Functions Can Your Business Automate to Save Time and Money?


Automation continues to make impacts throughout the technology world, as companies hope to make their operations more efficient and productive. For example, software development firms using DevOps leverage automated processes to deliver applications faster. Organizations of all sizes ultimately hope to automate a variety of functions to improve their bottom line.

Let’s take a closer look at a few business processes that benefit from automation. Implementing some of these ideas will help increase your company’s profitability, while keeping it one step ahead of your competition!


Improving Customer Service

If your organization conducts public-facing work, know that customer service is the most popular choice for automation among CIOs, according to a recent survey. AI-powered chatbots serving the role of a virtual agent is one typical automation use-case being seen within the industry. Microsoft and HP are two companies using AI customer service applications and providing better support as a result.


Even if your organization conducts business in a B2B fashion, chatbots are useful for running typical software development processes, like application builds and QA testing.


Automation is Transforming IT Operations

Whether they fully adopt DevOps or not, technology companies increasingly look to automation to streamline their IT operations. James Dening, vice president for Europe of Automation Anywhere, commented on this trend.


“IT professionals themselves believe that almost a fifth of their current daily tasks could be automated by intelligent automation and AI. This could include software or hardware installations, file and folder management, server monitoring, Active Directory management, user on and offboarding, or batch processing,” said Dening.


Coincidentally, one area of ITOps seeing an impact from automation is in handling basic service requests, like password changes. Increased adoption of DevOps is also expected to get tech firms more comfortable with automated processes.


Desktop PC Deployment and Provisioning

Within the IT operations function, companies traditionally spent time provisioning a PC for a new employee. This typically includes manually installing applications, security provisioning and more. Cloud-based services in concert with automated processes now combine to make this process more efficient; getting the new user up and running as quickly as possible.


Microsoft specifically offers a Cloud-based service – Windows Autopilot – to ensure the simple installation of its operating system and applications. It gives Windows shops a great opportunity to make desktop provisioning more efficient.

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