A better user experience opens the door for new users

An outdated, clunky and difficult to use website gets turbocharged with a facelift, upping traffic immediately.

Usability and User Experience is about two things only – the User and the Experience. Giving your audience a positive experience leads to a their trust in your business. Companies that invest in effective UX have increased their revenue by 37%.

The Challenge

Our client’s website was outdated, not mobile friendly, and made it difficult for users to find the information they needed. For an organization that prided itself on accessibility for all, the website was not a great representation of the brand. With the content not aligning with the user’s needs and the goals of the business, changes needed to be made quickly to attract a wide range of audience types.

The Plan

We began with a rapid, but comprehensive, user-centered design process, ensuring both the strategy and design fulfilled the needs of the customer and the business. By using an agile approach with the client’s leadership and communications teams, Technology Partners was able to plan, design, and build a stunning new digital experience.

The Results

Within weeks of going live, the website saw an improvement in success metrics, including a 26% decrease in bounce rate and 18% increase in returning visitors (who are twice as likely to convert as new visitors). By creating a best-in-class user experience for their customers, users spent more time on the website leading to improved conversions—and a responsive design translated into a 54% increase in mobile user traffic. In the end, the final testing on the user interface proved to give the client an edge over their competitors.

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"The team at Technology Partners was responsive, knowledgeable, and dedicated to delivering a great user experience. We look forward to a lasting partnership with them."
Communications Director
48% of Online Users
base the credibility of a business on their website’s user experience
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Did You Know?

4 out of 5 consumers use a mobile device to shop.

If I had to sum up our relationship in one word it would be quality. Quality organization, quality employees, and they help us provide a quality product.

Mary Heger, CIO & Vice President of Ameren

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