Using video to tell their story in a whole new way

Big data software company learns to tell their story in an even bigger way.

EDIS gathers, filters, combines and presents the pharmaceutical intelligence you need. It turns manual into automatic, and risk into reliability. With EDIS, you start where it counts: crucial planning and decision making.

The Challenge

EDIS Solutions takes big data and turns it into actionable information. The software is robust, but with that level of complexity it can be tough to explain the product to potential clients. They needed a way to clearly communicate to their target audience what the benefits of their product really are.

The Plan

EDIS knew that if they could take the big picture of their software and fit it into a short video, they could spearhead their sales process in a way that inspired someone to become a future user.

The Results

Technology Partners helped strategize EDIS's idea into not just a single video, but a multi-part video campaign. EDIS was given multiple videos, built around their brand, that could be used in variable ways to reach the widest audience possible. Now their sales process starts with a video, and a lot more often, ends with a deal.

"I knew I wanted engaging videos to share EDIS with potential clients, but also knew I needed a partner to make those videos happen. Technology Partners made the process easy, and worked closely with me to tell the story of my software to a whole new audience."
Peter Yurkovich
EDIS Solutions LLC
Users Are 85%
more likely to buy when they view a product video
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Did You Know?

There are now more mobile internet users than desktop internet users.

By setting the bar for the industry with its unique business model, they have become one of the most respected firms in the IT space.

Rob Reeg, President, Technologies & Operations of MasterCard Worldwide

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