Your Guide to Being a Guest on Something Extra

Tips and Instructions for Recording

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Let's Prepare

In order for Lisa and our marketing team to properly promote your episode, we ask just a few items of you: bio, headshot, and release consent.

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Recording Instructions

  • If you have an external microphone and headphones, please plan to use them as they help provide high-quality audio. If not, your computer microphone will work just fine.
  • Jenny will add the Squadcast link to the invitation prior to your recording.
    • The Chrome browser works best with the program we use. If not already using Google Chrome, we suggest that you download the latest version of Chrome.
    • Squadcast does not work on tablets or phones.
  • We will record audio and video in the session and will use the video for promotional purposes.
  • Kendall Brewer will be your liaison to help you promote your episode on social media and other channels.

The thread of continuity throughout all episodes involves the “Something Extra” that every leader needs. Lisa will ask questions about your leadership journey. While you don’t have to prepare anything, begin considering how you will answer the following question: What is the “Something Extra” that every leader needs?

Any Questions?

If you have any questions ahead of time or that day, feel free to contact Jenny Heal, Executive Assistant to the CEO, at (314) 369-2221.

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“[Leaders] know how to bring the best out of people. You could call it emotional intelligence. I’d also say great leaders, have another intelligence: priority intelligence. They always know what’s most important.”

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“You have to be able to discern a heart and know how to deal with them. It will not always be cookie cutter situations when you are a leader and so, I believe the power of discernment helps you to know with wisdom how to deal with everyone you are working with.”

Director of Outreach for Go-Overflow, Recording Artist, and Worship Leader

“There’s always a solution – always something you can do to make your situation a little bit better. Be relentless in asking the question, ‘What’s the one thing I can do that could make this better.’ Life becomes immediately better when you live on the solution side.”

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