The complexities of a large business can become simple when the right solution is applied to the problem.

Placing communities at the forefront of their business, our client works diligently to provide reliable energy, reduce power outages, and to keep up with future energy needs.

The Challenge

With a large and complex network of over 72 discrete systems that depend on shared data, integrating and simplifying data is a huge burden on the system. Each system is dependent upon a centralized data store, and often even a simple update required making a change to all of the others. The tightly-coupled approach was brittle, time-consuming to maintain, and prone to a myriad of potential [remove:user] errors

The Plan

If the client was able to create a unified master system that eliminated redundancy and decoupled the 72 separate systems, they could allow far greater integration and uninterrupted workflow. This would all equate to a smoother experience for both employees and customers alike.

The Results

Using a team of skilled and knowledgeable IT specialists, Technology Partners began working with the client’s team to assess a path to success. By bringing together the diverse group of seasoned professionals, we allowed them to seamlessly migrate their HR systems without impacting any downstream applications — allowing all changes to be made within one place

84% of organizations with over 1000 employees say a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000

-Information Technology Intelligence Consulting Research

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Did You Know?

4.4 billion people were affected by software bugs in 2016.
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“The headaches that were alleviated by the work Technology Partners team performed cannot be overstated. To say our workflow has improved would be a massive understatement– thank you!”

Client Executive

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