Episode 249: What Would You Do For Free? w/ Dana Spinola

dana spinola is featured on something extra episode 249

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Although this path requires some blood, sweat, and tears, Dana Spinola would be the first to tell you it leads to a life of abundance. As the founder of the southern boutique franchise, fab’rik, Dana shares how she turned her love of design into a career and learned from the setbacks along the way. Plus, this episode comes with an added bonus of Dana’s go-to wardrobe suggestion. Make sure to listen!

Bio: Born and raised by entrepreneurs, fab’rik Founder Dana Spinola has been taught from a young age that if you love what you do you will never work another day in your life. This mantra inspired her to leave Corporate America and open her first boutique in 2002. Since then, she has carried her mission of High Style With Heart nationwide with over 40 locations and growing.

Dana has always believed that clothing has the ability to change lives. In 2009, she launched the brand’s nonprofit, free fab’rik, that builds completely free Dream Boutiques inside of safe houses and homeless shelters to provide free shopping sprees for women in need. She then launched a charity collection, Clothe the Globe, which proceeds support building these free boutiques around the world.

Forbes called her “one of the five great American entrepreneurs you haven’t heard of yet but should know” because of her dedication to not only building a growing fashion brand but for inspiring a culture of people to weave purpose into their companies and their lives.

She was voted Business Person of the Year, Women Making a Mark, and has appeared in dozens of publications from Wall Street Journal to Elle. Author and Inspirational speaker, Dana is committed to reminding people to dream big and then chase those dreams relentlessly. She wrote the book, love what you do, as a guide to ignite your passion, find your purpose and live life with meaning. While Dana sits at the head of a leading fashion franchise as well as a non-profit organization, her most rewarding job is being a mom to her four children and 10 chickens!

Dana’s Something Extra: “Leaders, including myself, need to learn to listen better. Your team wants you just to know it’s hard. Listen to the end of the sentence, hear it, soak it in, and maybe just cry with them.”

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