Episode 192: How to Level Up as a Leader w/ Chad Everett

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Can you think of an activity that allows you to simultaneously improve your overall focus, critical thinking, and fine motor skills? We have an answer for you: Gaming. Chad Everett, CEO and President of Infinite Kingdom, discusses the benefits of video games and how they can be leveraged for good. In his role, Chad seeks to bring to life stories that are not only interesting, but inspirational to consumers. Listen to this episode, and you will have fun even before gameplay begins!

Bio: Chad Everett has over 25 years of executive leadership experience. He’s been blessed to work with some of the world’s largest organizations spanning Fortune 500 companies, multi-billion-dollar government agencies, and renowned non-profit organizations. He currently serves as the CEO and President of Infinite Kingdom (IK). IK is a multimedia startup poised to launch the first-ever AAA video game series based on inspirational storylines found in ancient texts.

In the early ‘90s, Chad began his career as the managing partner of a Fleet Service company that managed vehicles for Fortune 500 companies. During his tenure with the company, he launched one of the first-ever online fleet maintenance programs, enabling companies to track and plan maintenance schedules. His company was responsible for managing over $250M of vehicle inventory across the western United States.

In 2007, Chad sold the Fleet Maintenance company and joined the executive team of a highly regarded consulting firm based in Folsom, California. He oversaw the firm’s business development team, was the CEO in waiting, and personally provided strategic management services for Fortune 500 companies, privately held companies, government agencies, and NGOs. He also authored the leadership sections for the firm’s Pillars of SuccessTM business growth and success methodology.

In 2014, God called Chad to serve at Educational Media Foundation (a.k.a K-LOVE and Air1). He was part of their executive team serving as their chief strategist. His responsibilities included leading the strategic management division and working with the board and executive team to develop and implement the strategies necessary to launch and sustain new media lines. When Chad left, the ministry was serving an audience of nearly 30M people across the world.

In 2018, Chad joined Gateway Church’s leadership team overseeing the Kingdom Business Leaders (KBL) department. KBL is a highly sought-after church-based program that equips and empowers business leaders by teaching them Biblical principles alongside industry best practices. He is working with the leadership team at KBL to expand the ministry nationally and internationally.

Chad continues to provide business consulting, coaching, and strategic planning services to some of the largest and most successful Christian businesses and ministries worldwide.

Chad comes from a history of working in ministry. He grew up a pastor’s kid. That DNA stuck with him, and he has used his love of the bible, business, and music to volunteer his services as a board member, teaching pastor, executive pastor, and worship pastor for various churches. Chad and his wife, Sandy, live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with their four children. They enjoy all things performing arts, music, visual storytelling (media), books, and sports.

Chad’s Something Extra: Mindset

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