Episode 147: Watching Your Language w/ Sonia Jackson Myles

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What a beautiful thing it is to have a mentor speak into the trajectory of your life. Founder, President, and CEO of The Sister Accord, Sonia Jackson Myles, speaks into the value of mentorship, the cost of patience, and the importance of always finding a way. 

Bio: Sonia is the Founder, President & CEO of The Sister Accord Foundation, which has 3 areas of focus: Educating girls and women, Enlightening girls and women of the Power of Sisterhood and Eradicating bullying and violence against girls and women. She is also the Founder & CEO of The Accord Group LLC, which is a leadership development, executive coaching, employee engagement, branding & diversity consultancy. She launched her Dreamwalking® Executive Coaching & Leadership Development Program in 2015 and now has hundreds of “Dreamwalkers” (Mentees) walking in purpose and Designing Their Destinies. Sonia currently serves as the Chair for FAMU’s School of Business & Industry’s Advisory Board. She is also a Board Member for The Impact Young Lives Foundation, which supports leadership development for youth in S. Africa.

Sonia has numerous media appearances and mentions from local TV & radio networks across the country to national/international platforms such as Disney, Fortune Magazine, CNN.com, New York Times, Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, Today Show, Good Morning America, Bloomberg, Businessweek and The Huffington Post.

Sonia is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Her mantra is “There is always a seat at the table for excellence—focus on being excellent.”

Sonia’s Something Extra: The power of the pause. 

A: Adaptable
U: Understanding
S: Sensible
E: Empathetic

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