SE Episode 089: Filling the Void w/ Dan Lauer

"Something Extra episode 89" blue podcast banner with an image of a man, Dan Lauer

The inspiration behind the nationally beloved Waterbabies, Dan Lauer, joins Lisa on this week’s episode of the Something Extra Podcast.

Bio: Dan Lauer is a highly experienced and accomplished entrepreneur who can give students advise on how to develop their innovative ideas into a product or business. As a St. Louis native, he is the CEO & Founder of Lauer Toys and the creator of the baby doll Waterbabies. His product has achieved great success by being the second best selling baby doll, with over 24 million units sold.

With his real world experience and abundant entrepreneurial knowledge, Dan will direct and mentor students into the right path..

Links and Mentions:

– Lisa Nichols, Host
– Scott Crosby, Executive Producer
– Daniel Williams, Recording Engineer