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SE Episode 082: Eduard de Vries

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With experience in a plethora of departments in South Africa, the UK, and now the US, VP of IT Business Consultancy of SSM Health, Eduard de Vries has an exciting and unusually unique method of merging technological advancement with the true betterment of people in your team.

Bio: As Vice President, Information Technology Business Consultancy, Eduard de Vries partners with finance including revenue cycle, supply chain, HR, marketing and legal teams across the system, to discover and increase value extracted from our systems and business processes. Additionally, Eduard is accountable for the enterprise data and analytics group across SSM Health.

Eduard has over twenty years of technology leadership experience. Over the last three years, he has served SSM Health as a program manager/consultant. Eduard has been associated with McKinsey, as senior advisor, focused on digital transformation and customer experience for customers in the healthcare industry.

Previously, he held a divisional CIO role for a Fortune 500 company in the pharmaceutical services industry. Earlier in his career, Eduard lead technology and product management functions for a global veterinary diagnostics provider (S&P 500) in Europe, Asia-Pacific and later in his role globally. Eduard received his MBA from Nijenrode University, with modules at Kellogg School of Management (IL, USA) and Stellenbosch Business University (South Africa).

Eduard’s Something Extra: Aligning your team to the mission

– Lisa Nichols, Host
– Scott Crosby, Executive Producer
– Daniel Williams, Recording Engineer

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