5 Signs You Have Been Coasting in Your Tech Career

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If your IT career seems in the doldrums and you feel generally uninspired, and at a dead-end, you need to figure out the cause of this malaise quickly. Is the problem your current job role, manager, or even the company itself? Perhaps it’s just a temporary issue, and some fresh inspiration lies right around the corner?  

Intending to find out the root of the issue, here are a few signs you are currently coasting through your career. Once you determine the cause, it becomes time to create an action plan to put your career back on the right path. Good luck!  

You Dread Going Into Work on Monday Morning   

Of course, the beginning of the workweek feels like a drag every Monday morning. This situation is relatively common with IT professionals all over the world. But if the issue seems to be getting worse, you need to stop and consider if you need a change in your career path. Self-analysis, at this point, is critical.  

Becoming Distracted at Your Desk is The Norm   

Each day you are easily distracted by your smartphone, which siphons your productivity. Distraction is a visible sign you are becoming professionally uninspired. It’s better to nip the issue in the bud before your bosses realize you are becoming less productive.  

You Don’t Fit in at The Office.   

Cultural fit plays a significant role in someone feeling comfortable with a company. If you don’t fit in with your coworkers, you might begin slacking off at work. At this point, you need to consider finding a position with a different organization.  

Professional Stagnation Sets In   

Most tech professionals take pride in learning new skills and working on innovative projects. If your company doesn’t provide training opportunities and only uses relatively outdated technology, coasting is a natural reaction. Ask your boss to let you take a training class to help stave off stagnation.  

Little Opportunity For Advancement in Your Current Job Role   

If your current job role seems like a dead end, and your company offers few if any chances for advancement, simply coasting through each workday might seem preferable. Reach out to a few colleagues within your professional network to see what opportunities are out there. Also, consider contacting a local tech recruiter about finding another position with a great company.  

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