5 Tips for Properly Onboarding New Developers

5 Tips for Properly Onboarding New Developers


Your tech company’s recent staffing effort resulted in the hiring of one or more talented software engineers. Considering the resources spent sourcing and interviewing candidates, new employees are expected to quickly make a significant impact on the organization’s operations. However, this expenditure largely goes for naught if you don’t properly onboard those new hires.

With a successful onboarding process in mind, here are a few tips to ensure your new employees hit the ground running. Leverage these ideas to make the company’s hiring process as efficient as possible.


  • A Well-Defined Onboarding Process is a Must

Any company doing software development needs well-documented procedures covering all aspects of their operations. This includes the onboarding of new software engineers. While this should encompass the standard HR tasks – insurance and tax forms, etc. – a special focus on the nuts and bolts of the development process is essential. Make it a point to have new developers familiarize themselves with this documentation before their first day on the job.


  • Include Them in the Communication Chain

In addition to giving new hires access to documentation before they start, also include them in the company’s communication chain. This includes Slack, email and other communication channels. It’s an approach that raises their comfort level and subsequent productivity after their first day.


  • Pair New Hires With Other Developers

Have your new developers work closely with a veteran programmer for their first few weeks on the job. This helps them get their feet wet when getting up to speed with new procedures, internal applications, and project work. While senior devs typically work great in this mentorship role, someone who’s been with your firm for only a short time sometimes provides a better perspective during onboarding.


  • Timely Feedback is Essential

Any new employee needs real-time feedback as they progress through onboarding. Providing them with a set of short-term goals and relatively simple tasks helps your managers get a feel for how quickly they are picking up new concepts and procedures. Focus on their quality of work over quantity as you should with the rest of your staff.


  • A Similar Approach for Onboarding Remote Hires

Most of these insights work equally well for remote developers as well as those working on-site. Strong communication and collaboration remain an essential part of onboarding success, especially with telecommuters. Focus on making them feel like a true part of the team.



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