Why Should You Pursue a Career as a Project Manager?

Working as a project manager can be rewarding, and the pay and benefits can be good in this position. But, the job is not for everyone, You need to have a special set of skills and abilities in order to be hired as a project manager.


To decide whether a career as a project manager is right for you, consider these key factors:


  • Project managers can earn a good living:

    The median annual salary for a project manager is $71,449, according to Salary.com. The salary range for project managers is between $62,509 and $83,326. If you choose this job, you should have a good salary and benefits.

  • You’ll need an understanding of technology:

    It’s imperative you have an understanding of the technologies involved in initiatives including tech refresh efforts.

  • You’ll need strong communication skills:

    Project managers have the responsibility of keeping everyone on the same page, communicating expectations and deadlines, and providing regular reports on team progress. You also need to be able to anticipate and meet needs.

  • You’ll need excellent time management skills:

    Project managers need to manage a portfolio of different projects, and need to ensure projects stay on track and important tasks are completed by deadliness.

  • You’ll need a strong attention to detail:

    Project managers need to make sure no balls are dropped during the project completion process. It’s imperative to understand your resources and capacity, manage the execution of different initiatives, escalate tasks, and identify and resolve errors.

  • You’ll need strong problem-solving skills:

    Project managers need to identify and mitigate risks, identify solutions to requests, anticipate problems, and develop creative solutions to keep projects on track.

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