5 Tips for Staying Motivated During a Lengthy Assignment

When you work in IT, a long assignment can give you job security and allow you to develop in-depth knowledge of the project you are working on. While there are plenty of big upsides to a long assignment, there is a downside too: A risk of burnout. Working on the same projects and tasks day in and day out can lead you to become bored and frustrated if you don’t take steps to combat these feelings.


The good news is, there are ways to avoid burnout. If you want to avoid succumbing to exhaustion with your work, here are five tips to follow:


  1. Take breaks during the workday.

Many people assume that achieving peak work performance requires outworking others by staying close to your desk all day. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to stay mentally focused without giving your brain a breather. Take a lunch break, go for a walk, and find ways to regularly leave your computer during the day, and you’ll find yourself performing better.

  1. Limit your use of digital devices.

 Today, it’s far too easy to be connected to work all the time. To make sure you have some separation from your job, put away your digital devices after work. Make a commitment not to check email constantly, and give yourself a cutoff time after which you won’t look at your screen anymore for the night.

  1. Schedule something interesting.

When you’re not at work, schedule activities you can look forward to that can restore your energy.  Play a sport, meet up with a friend, or do something else you enjoy, and that allows you to focus on something that makes you happy.

  1. Take time off.

Ideally, you should try to take regular vacations. If you’re unable to get away because of work demands associated with your long project, at least take periodic long weekends. Some research suggests that regularly taking three or four-day weekends can be more restorative than a long two-week break.

  1. Look for meaning in your work.

If you feel your job is helping you accomplish something important, you’re far more likely to stay motivated and avoid burnout.

Ready for your next assignment?

Looking for new work and lining up your next opportunity can also help you to stay motivated by giving you an exciting new project to look forward to. Technology Partners can help you to find temporary or full-time jobs in the IT field, so if you’re ready to find new work challenges, give us a call today!


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