Which Programming Languages Make You More Hirable in 2017?

Knowing the languages that make computing devices work is an invaluable job skill as more and more machines rely on the power of computers. These languages are constantly changing and evolving, so computer programmers must make sure they are constantly learning if they want the best career opportunities.

If you are looking for a promotion in your current programming job, if you want to find new opportunities, or if you are interested in getting into the field of computer programming for the first time, you need to know what IT companies are looking for in terms of programming languages. If you want to make yourself as hirable as possible in a competitive field, programming languages you should learn in 2017 include:


Perl is a fast-running language which you can use to write almost any type of program.  Transformations in recent years have made Perl a more enjoyable language to use, helping it in its battle against Python.


Go is Google’s programming language and it is focused on high performance, simplicity, and efficiency. Many startup have embraced Go and its use is likely to take off in 2017.


Rust has been rapidly expanding its user base since first launched by Mozilla in 2014. Rust is used for similar programming tasks as C and C++ but is considered an upgrade to these languages as well as widely considered to be one of the best coding languages for those concerned about security.


Hack is a newer programming language developed less than two years ago by Facebook for its HipHop Virtual Machine. Around 90 percent of Facebook’s coding uses this dialect of PHP.


Ruby is often used for niche projects and is a favorite of solo programmers and freelancers.


This programming language has been largely overlooked in the decade since its inception, but got renewed attention when Wired ran a comprehensive article about it in 2014. Since then, the efficient programming language has caught on amongst programmers who appreciate its productivity and modeling power.


JavaScript remains a ubiquitous programming language which is likely to continue as the gold standard in web programming for a long time to come.

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