One common problem companies face at one point or another is where to go for business solutions. Should you try to tackle everything internally and beef up your staff with various specialists? Should you outsource the problem to a company that specializes in the issue and just be done with it?

Having someone on-call for all of the technical issues that seem to arise out of nowhere (and at the worst possible times) is crucial to the ongoing operation of your firm – that much is common sense. How you approach desktop support, however, might be a slightly more complicated matter to sort through.

Whether it would make better business sense to work a helpdesk support role (or multiple roles) into your company’s budget, or consider outsourcing desktop support as a managed service instead, we’re laying out both options below so you can decide which option is best.

Helpdesk as a Managed Service: If you fall into one of these four client scenarios, then this might be the best option for your organization:

No IT Staff: You need helpdesk support but don’t have enough of a need, making it a waste of money to hire someone full-time. If you outsource this service instead, you get all the support of a full-time helpdesk rep only when you need it and without the full-time cost.

Too Much to Do: You have too many tickets for your current helpdesk capacity. A managed service would create a partnership to handle overflow as an extension of your department.

IT Staff, But No Helpdesk: Your current IT staff fixes your issues, but that costs the company money and time in working outside their role.

Special Projects: You have a specific upgrade or project but don’t have the bandwidth or expertise in house.
Hiring Helpdesk Support Staff: If none of the above apply to your organization, or the following scenarios appeal to you more, perhaps this option is more favorable:

Easy Access: You like the idea of having your go-to helpdesk and systems support staff on-site for any immediate needs.

Proprietary Systems: You’d prefer to hire your own IT staff to learn your proprietary systems and databases rather than trusting an outside source with them.

Money is Not an Issue: Your organization has the funding (and profit) to support hiring full-time desktop support staff.

So Many Issues! Your technology has enough functionality issues that fall under helpdesk and systems support that you can keep an internally-staffed employee plenty busy.
So, to hire internal staff or solicit the services of an outside firm? If you would like any help talking through the two options, we’re here to help! Lucky for you, we provide both permanent/contract IT employees to our clients as well as managed services such as helpdesk and systems support, so it comes down to which option would work best for your firm!

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Rick Butler, Senior Manager, Database Management of Enterprise Rent-a-Car

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