Database Administrators are an integral part of every organization for many reasons. They keep things running relatively smoothly within your database by applying patches, migrating objects between databases, creating new databases, answering database-related questions, etc. etc. etc. What they don’t do, however, is focus their time 100% on the efficiency and tuning of your database. Sure, they can put quick fixes in place to speed processing up here and there, but these are temporary fixes. Their job isn’t to focus solely on database optimization, and, let’s face it – you can’t possibly be as good at something you do 20% of the time as someone that does it 100% of the time. WAKE UP! Take control of your database and its efficiency. A few questions to consider:

How is query performance addressed in your organization?

Who’s in charge of addressing/fixing/manipulating your database?

Would you say the effort put into your database is enough to keep it running at full capacity all of the time?

Would you like your data to be accessed 90% quicker with 90% more efficiency?

Take a moment to think about your latest database query. Did it provide you with the information you needed in a timely fashion? Let’s chat about Technology Partners’ Database Performance and Optimization solutions.

I am convinced Technology Partners and their team were able to save Enterprise millions of dollars on hardware upgrades.

Rick Butler, Senior Manager, Database Management of Enterprise Rent-a-Car

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