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For decades, Technology Partners has staffed the industry’s most respected and most talented people. We like to share what we’ve learned from being the place to go for IT staffing and solutions. Access some of the latest IT trends and our expertise below:

How to Face Your Personal Weaknesses Head On

Any successful technology career requires periodic self-assessment and self-improvement until the day of your retirement. Regularly analyzing your own strengths and weaknesses gives you a

SE Episode 094: John O’Leary

We’ve all had those experiences where we would rather run away than face our fears head on. Take a moment to hear John’s story of letting go of the need for control and you will walk away with practical steps on how to be a source of hope for those around you.

Remote Work Tips: Take Time Off

by Insights As remote work quickly becomes the new norm across the technology world, companies are enjoying increased productivity and even some cost savings. Employees

SE Episode 093: Dennis Muilenburg

No matter the position you strive for in life, understanding the mission behind what you’re doing professionally and personally remains necessary. Listen to Dennis’ story from his humble beginnings in engineering and program management to leading his colleagues of Boeing as CEO.

SE Episode 092: Alex Melvin

We’ve all heard the phrase, “the customer is always right,” and Alex Melvin, CEO of Rural King, gives it a more meaningful definition. Learn how prioritizing giving value to the customer is the best thing you can for your business.

SE Episode 091: John Ruhlin

How can you stand out in business and in your personal life? Listen to encouraging and strategic words on how to maximize your relationships to shine in this world from John, Co-Founder of the Giftology Group, a gift strategy and logistics company, Co-Founder of the Ruhlin group, a gifted entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker.

SE Episode 090: Lauren Herring

Add something tangibly beneficial to your week as International speaker and CEO of Impact Group, Lauren Herring, delivers a resounding and timely episode in the latest of the Something Extra podcast.


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